Praying for, Acting for, and Reaching for our Community

The Fellowship Children's Ministry

In PARK KIDS we are all about Praying for, Acting for, and Reaching for our Community(Kommunity).

Our goal is for each child to become a spirit-filled Christian who prays, reads their Bible, witnesses to others, serves the Lord in their daily lives, and teaches others to do the same. We believe that it is our job to lead and guide every child as they learn to follow God's will in their lives. Jesus said to let the little children come to Him. Jesus believed children are important and so do we. We don't believe children are just the church of tomorrow, we believe they are the church of today.

During this time, we will be releasing a video twice a week on our PARK Kids The Fellowship at Western Oaks Facebook Page:

Friday afternoons will be a message primarily for parents and family. This will include ideas for games and some weekly encouragement!

Then on Saturday mornings at 11am, join us for a kids message that includes an interactive, fun lesson for our kids to learn about scripture! There will be fun science experiments, story time, and lots of fun and interactive things for you, your kids and your family to participate in!

Here is a link to our facebook page:

Or you can type in "PARK Kids The Fellowship at Western Oaks" into the search bar!

We can't wait to see you there!!!!

Upcoming Events

For now, all events are postponed.

We will update you all when we resume our normal scheduling!!

For more information Contact Our Children’s Director