Bible Study with Susie Shellenberger

Join us for a 7 Session Bible Study with Susie Shellenberger

Session 1

 Session One Discussion Questions:

• Can you identify a spiritual truth that has been passed down to you? (If you’re new in the faith, describe your perception of Jesus Christ before you became His follower and how/if it has changed since you’ve given your life to Him.)

• Joel also challenged his listeners to pass along his message to their children and their grandchildren. What’s a spiritual truth you can pass down THIS WEEK? (If you’re without children, you can still pass along a spiritual truth to someone close to you.)

• Joel mentioned the sin of drunkenness. How can having a casual attitude with alcohol lead to compromise in other areas of our lives?

• Joel encouraged his people to lament (a passionate expression of grief or sorrow). When we hurt physically, we cry out in pain; when we hurt spiritually, we cry out in lament. We could say that lamentation is a loud, religious “Ouch!” More than 50 of the psalms are lamentations. The book of Job is full of lamentation. Why is it important to lament when we’re spiritually hurting? Even Christ lamented while on the Cross: “My God, why have You forsaken me”? Lament is not a failure of faith, but an act of faith. We cry out directly to God because deep down we know that our relationship with God counts; it counts to us and it counts to God. Why is it important that we lament? Can you describe a time in your life that you have lamented?

• Close in prayer.